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so much energy now. thank you, george, for the ferris wheel for the balloons for teaching me that running is fun. (chuckles) good evening, professor. oh, hi, everyone! i'm running in that race tomorrow. will you be there? ha! we wouldn't miss it for the world. (chuckles) on race day, george couldn't believe how many people showed up. okay, i'm ready. oh, no! i forgot my water. (chatters) (sighs) thanks. so, you really think i can do this? uh-huh. go, professor wiseman! go, professor wiseman! sis-boom-bah! sis-boom-bah! man: runners, take your marks! (whistle blows) the race was on. man: go, go, go! faster! push it! yeah, that's it, run! go! the professor seemed to be doing everything right. she ran at a steady pace. and there she was drinking water. so far, so good. (crowd cheering) george wanted to see the professor cross the finish line, so he made sure to get a good spot. do you see her? i don't see her. (chatters) she looks tired. george: uh-oh. oh, no something's wrong. maybe she got a charley horse. huh? that's a cramp in your leg, george,
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)

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